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$75= 1 session

$440 = 6 sessions

$880 = 12 sessions

$1775 = 24 sessions

$3550= 48 sessions

~ Sibling discount ~

$120 / 1 hour - 2 kids


Please contact us

for pricing on camps and group training for your athletic associations/

school/ etc. 

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For effective training, clients should understand the following policies:


1) If a session is not canceled 24 hours ahead of time, the client will be charged. Family emergencies or *sudden* illness will be exempt. (Sudden means falling ill that day/night. It does not mean feeling sick for a few days and then deciding last minute to cancel the session).

2) Maintaining communication is important and a lapse of more than 10 days will result in a lost time slot.

3) Whenever possible, rescheduling sessions will be accommodated; however, it is very important for the client to maintain a consistent schedule.

4) Occasional time changes are okay; however, constant time changes may result in loss of time slot.

5) Clients more than 20 minutes late for a session will be considered a no-show and the client will be charged for the session. If this happens repeatedly, loss of time slot and training may occur.

6) Time slots cannot be guaranteed after lengthy vacations/time away without prior negotiation.

7) Payment for sessions are due within the first week of the month and will be considered late after 7 days. Those sessions that go unused will carry over to the following month, but not after the second month. In other words, sessions purchased at the beginning of month are good for 60 days, but no longer. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed to all late payments.


What my clients can expect from HD Fitness:



1) HD Fitness will provide you with at least 2 weeks notice if your trainer will be unavailable for more than 5 days. For any length of time s/he is gone, we are happy to provide you with another trainer to work with temporarily.

2) If your trainer becomes suddenly ill or has an unexpected emergency and must cancel last minute, you will not be charged for the session, and we will reschedule the session as quickly as possible.

3) If your trainer is more than 5 minutes late to a session s/he will phone. If more than 10 minutes that late time will be added to a future session or if possible, go over the hour.

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